Chapter one: The Beginning

From a very young age growing up in rural Ireland, I knew I had a creative flare, from costumes to making videos and mini-films.  Thanks to a borrowed video camera and a couple of eager friends, I managed to create trailers for movies that I didn’t even have made. In a time that wasn’t always easy growing up, I spent many hours making bits and pieces and loved it, finding a real escape in that creative world.   At the age of 13 years old I joined the cast of ‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder, a local stage play and from that moment I know this was my world, my wheelhouse, the flame was ignited and has never gone out.  I followed every part I could and played so many characters over the years.  Coming from a traditional family, a career in the arts wasn’t really on the table, so I started college doing business, God help us.  However, I did pass that and joined the health service working in an office.  During this time, I spent most of those years on the stage, reading plays, performing and starting to dip my hand in stage management and production.  But during this time I did notice I had another flare and talent.

 Chapter two: The early career

While working in mental health services many people encouraged me to train as a Mental Health Nurse and I joined Trinity College Dublin as an undergraduate in 1997. This was a wonderful time.  I loved it, I had a real talent in this field and spent much time in Dublin.  I also managed to get some little extra parts in films shooting around Dublin and kept this creative side alive.  I worked hard, got my degree and my Postgraduate degree and commenced a very successful clinical career in Dublin.  I managed to move into the academic world of Trinity College Dublin, my alma mater, in 2006 and still work there to this day.  In this chapter of my life, I also managed to start a family with Claire, whom I met through the world of drama we have four healthy, and wonderful kids together.

Chapter three: The worlds collide

In 2006 while branching into a new career I also had the opportunity to blend my two worlds of clinical/academic and creativity.  I commenced my master's in Dramatherapy at the National University of Maynooth.  This course opened my eyes affording me not only the knowledge but the confidence for me to explore the skills needed to really engage with the professional creative world.  Since that time, I have produced many shows, short films, music videos and cooperative work.  The culmination of knowledge from all my education strands afforded me a unique insight not only into drama, production, movement, and technique but people and this was a perfect storm.

Chapter four: The professional arena

In 2012 eventually, I felt justified and ready to embark on a professional creative arts career, I became a professional actor with equity and Spotlight and started doing several professional gigs, including movies and TV, appearing in many advertising campaigns for TV and feature films and broadcasting my own radio programme.  The experience I gained was immeasurable.  I noticed that my talents really lay in the production and creation of work.  I moved on to direct musical theatre and produced many successful shows.  The most difficult part of this journey was the writing and production of “The Cloak” a new Irish musical.   I collaborated with the late Composer Pádraig Meredith, he wrote the music and I wrote the book and lyrics.  We were a match made not only in name but in vision.  ‘The Cloak Production’ toured Ireland in 2014 with little money but a great heart.  It received a standing ovation for every show bar none.  A huge personal achievement and will be fondly remembered for its people and of course all its ups and downs.  However, the learning during that time made me a stronger, smarter, and much better Director and Producer.  I can see things in my mind's eye and this gives me great confidence in my work and helps me create.  I am currently working in many areas, including theatre, film, TV, advertisement, corporate, radio broadcast and facilitation.  My latest project is a transatlantic non-profit youth mentorship programme that I am collaborating on with the Fabulous Christy Cashman, it’s called YouthINK.

Chapter five: 

Is still not written. However, I know that it holds adventures, excitement and limitless creativity, including expanding my ART collection, a tool I use to help focus the mind on creative projects.  As I move through different stages of my life, perspective and outlook will change but the one component that never shifts, is my passion and love of the creative arts, this journey will never end for me, it'll just keep getting better and better. I have recently joined the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland and I am currently working on a new film project.